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What is Meme of the Day?

Meme of the Day will be the hub for meme NFTs where people may vote on their favorite meme NFTs for free and earn revenue when those NFTs are sold. Not only will NFT marketplaces and creators earn fees from sales, but everyday users earn as well. Users may also mint, buy, sell, comment, favorite, share, and discover meme NFTs according to their interests.

Elon Musk Advertising Meme cropped
NFT Sales in 2021
2019-2021 NFT Sales
people ages 18-34 share memes online
active NFT wallets
TAM of Potential Sales/Year*

*Assumes 1%-25% of 1.75B meme market penetration and $6,874 NFT sales/wallet (2021 avg.)

Coffin dance animated

Coffin Dance Meme NFT – sold for $1.05M!

How Does Meme of the Day (MOTD) Work?

People Love Memes

Memes quickly spread new ideas and feelings, enable deep communication among people and sub-cultures, and encourage the adoption of new ideas and technology. Plus, they're fun! MOTD will be the first hub for meme NFTs where users have digital ownership over memes and the ability to earn money while doing the social media interactions they would normally do.

Social Revenue Share

By voting on memes without paying, users earn revenue when those memes are sold. Votes are a signal of relative value for meme NFTs. Engagement can earn real money in a platform that rewards social interactions.

Unique Features

  • Weekly voter payouts
  • Text search of meme images
  • Pixel injection to track NFT unique views
  • Professional brutalist style site design
  • Detection of duplicate NFT images
  • Potential user account rating system
  • Tech stack includes Ethereum, Polygon, Moralis, and React. Possible expansion to other blockchains (ex. Secret Network)


    • 3rd place in Fantom Foundation development competition
    • Finalist in Gitcoin APOLLO Fellowship
    • Admitted to Polygon Build-N-Earn program
    Community survey
    • 89% of respondents like viewing memes
    • 86% would participate at least once/week if they could earn money by voting on their favorite memes

    Well-networked in the crypto space

    • NFT communities, ex. Proof, 333 Club, Metakey, Ninjalerts, Azuki, WGMI, ZenAcademy, CyberKongz, Wanderers
    • Ecosystem partners: Gitcoin, Moralis, Polygon
    • Gaming communities, ex. Star Atlas, Mars4

    Popular memes

    Spending 2K Crypto Wolf Wall St
    invest but not millionaire
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    "Highly recommend Matthew and the team, some highlights below:

    - Founding team are highly motivated and experienced with their respective skill sets and Web3 technology.

    - Project's approach stands out from its user engagement revenue-share model, plan to remove new user friction, and use of Polygon as a fast, scalable layer 2 blockchain solution.

    - Timing and market potential are favorable due to the rise in NFT popularity.

    - Meme of the Day is at an inflection point in which funding would give them the needed resources to launch their product and gain successful adoption."

    Thomas Klocanas
    General Partner & Head of Venture at BlockTower Capital

    New Design Preview

    Home page
    Home Page
    My memes page
    My Memes Page

    Meme detail page
    Meme Detail Page

    Meet the Team

    Full stack developer, IT veteran, ecommerce development, large corporate systems, web3 blockchain apps, backend & smart contract development. Former founder and CEO of Nanorobotek window cleaning robots, which secured €1 million EUR contract and €150.000 EUR of grants. Won Fantom Foundation blockchain developer contest, finalist in Gitcoin Fellowship, and admitted to Polygon Build-N-Earn program.

    Matjaz Primec Co-Founder & Technical Lead

    Background in business operations, corporate finance, and crypto. Involved with crypto since 2017 doing business advisory, operations, investment management, data analysis, and technical writing. Won Fantom Foundation blockchain developer contest, finalist in Gitcoin Fellowship, and admitted to Polygon Build-N-Earn program. Saved company $250,000/year with new tax policy and $60,000 with custom marketing integration. Served 200,000 email viewers by developing ad copy and design.

    Matthew Headshot
    Matthew Fiorello Co-Founder & Strategy Lead

    Fronted engineer and smart contract developer. Lovely Systems frontend developer for CH Media news, radio and TV portals; manages over 20 media portals. Frontend and backend development for Recent projects: WebGL and PAN LAB Vienna. Music teacher and yoga instructor. 

    Thomas Headshot 300
    Thomas Ender Software Developer

    We have relationships with development agencies that are excited to advance Meme of the Day's roadmap for public launch and beyond.

    In discovery Third Co-Founder

    In discovery Advisors & Investors